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Introduction To The Tyre Rubber Powder Production Line

The rubber powder machine is able to process rubber products such as waste tyres into a rubber powder at a standard room temperature. This production line is typically utilized to recycle 550 to 1200mm waste tyre. The product produced is a 5 to 30 mesh-rubber powder from waste tyres. When processed using a rubber grinder, the end product can result in a 40 to 120 mesh-fine type of rubber powder. Once processed using this recycle line, the steel can be separated completely while fibers are separated up to 99 percent or more.

Tyre Rubber Powder Production Line
Tyre Rubber Powder Production Line

Features Of Rubber Powder Machine:

•The process granulated tyres into an extremely fine based rubber powder while fiber and steel is recycled completely at an ambient temperature before processed by pyrolysis plant.

•The purity of this rubber powder is 99 percent.

•Small space, tight construction and a basic technique flow.

•The process uses low energy consumption and offers a favorable performance to cost ratio.

•The process offers auto-immunization and requires very little labor requirements. View this page to know more about process:

•Long service times, high output and a unique design.

•This production features a dust remover which means the equipment does not cause pollution meaning there are no fibers or fine dust that lands up in the air. The process matches up with environmental requirements required by the government.

The Steps Involved In Processing Waste Tyres Into A Rubber Powder

1.The initial step involves cutting the tyres using the ring-cutting machine that cuts the tyres to the sidewall and the inner circle. Do you know continuous tire pyrolysis plant which is more convenient?

2.This is followed by the use of the tyre-strips cutting machine that cuts the sidewalls of the tyres into long strips.

3.The next step involves the tire cutting machine that cuts the long strips up into blocks.

4.A steel-wire separator processes the inner circles and separates it into tyre rubber and pure steel.

5.The blocks of tyres are placed into the tyre crusher. These blocks are then grinded up into 8 to 10 mesh-rubber powder. The screen positioned underneath the vibrating-screen that sends the 8 to 10 rubber-powder onto a conveyor which transports the product to a magnetic-system. In this system thin steel inside the rubber tyre is cleared away and the rubber-powder is sent onto the small vibrating-screen and through this particular screen the end result is a pure 30 mesh rubber powder. Besides, waste tyre can be converted into oil by tyres pyrolysis plant.

6.In the fourth step parts of the rubber that do not reach the 8 to 10 mesh rubber-powder are sent to the large vibrating-screen to a large conveyor that sends the product to the tyre crusher. The product is crushed and then sent back the beginning part of step 4 until such stage that it has reached an 8 to 10 mesh rubber-powder.

Tyres come in two types, the first is a steel tyre while the other is a fiber tyre. If the main part of a tyre is made up of steel, the first 6 steps are sufficient. However, if the tyre is mainly made up of fiber, a fiber separator is needed in order to separate the tyre rubber-powder from the fiber in order to reach a pure-rubber powder. We Beston Machinery are pyrolysis machine manufacturer. If you are looking for a reliable supplier, visit us.

An Overview Of The Plastic Recycling Plant Project Report

Recycling plants are actually very good business models. They allow people to move forward in a positive way in regard to environmental reasons and making a profit. 20 years ago, environmental businesses were laughed at. Today, it is all the rage. One of the best ways to recycle products that would otherwise end up in a landfill and never decomposes to create a pyrolysis plant. If you have access to millions of tires, and billions of plastic bottles, you could set up 10 or 20 of these plants and never run out of product. The main benefit is that these machines have become so efficient is possible to create a steady stream of bio fuel that people that use diesel engines will use every day. In the same way, tires can be chipped up, and processed in the same manner, helping our environment by recycling all of these waste products. The plastic pyrolysis plant project report talks about this and how pyrolysis is our best shot at reusing all of this waste.

waste plastic recycling plant
Waste plastic recycling plant

How The Report Begins

The report begins by talking about the rapid development of businesses that use plastic for virtually everything that they produce. The sheer volume of products that are made worldwide, and with the ever-increasing population, is creating a very hazardous and toxic situation. Landfills are becoming larger every day, and plastic recycling is actually very limited. That’s why plastic pyrolysis plant manufacturers are coming out with pyrolysis plants which run clean, can produce bio oil, and charcoal that can be used after the plastic has been processed. Essentially, you are taking care of a problem, and at the same time, creating a reusable product that everybody uses today.

pyrolysis plant for sale
Pyrolysis plant for sale

What Is Pyrolysis Technology?

Whether you are using a smaller pyrolysis plant which can be operated by a couple of people, or you have an entire factory devoted to this type of operation, you are going to be able to create to marketable products and at the same time take this plastic, or even tires, out of the landfills. It is so important to use these companies to start working on this incredible problem that we have worldwide. The more people that have access to this equipment, the better off our environment will be. 

The Advantages Of A Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

The primary advantage of using the pyrolysis plant for sale that is talked about in the article is that they have all passed very specific types of certifications. They also have higher oil output, and use a very unique catalyze her that can increase oil yield by up to 5%. They are extremely efficient with rotating reactors which can speed up the process. They are safe to use, and once your workers have been trained, they will be able to run this without any problem.

If more of these devices are produced worldwide, and they become more affordable, this could create an entire billion-dollar industry. But it has to start somewhere and that’s exactly where many of the businesses in China, and other locations, are at, yet they are growing steadily every day. Find out more about the project plant today to see if this would be a good business model for you. If you do have the money to invest, and you would like to help our world’s recycling problem, this is a great way to get started:


How To Get An Accurate Plastic Pyrolysis Equipment Price

Investing in businesses that can help you make money, and at the same time help the environment, are great ideas. If you have a company that runs on a lot of diesel, or if you would simply like to eliminate some problematic landfills that have plastic and rubber tires, you might want to consider investing into a pyrolysis. One of the most popular is those that are able to recycle plastic because of how many plastic bottles and containers are thrown away every year. If you would like to get an accurate pyrolysis equipment cost from one of the many companies that sell them, the following tips will help you do that.

waste plastic to oil plant
Beston Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

What Is The Pyrolysis Process?

If you have never been introduced to the concept of pyrolysis, it is a chemical process that occurs when plastic, rubber, or biomass is presented with exceptionally high levels of heat. The key to this process working, however, is to not add the heat in the presence of oxygen. This actually forces the molecular structure of the material to break down into different components, of which you have biochar and biofuel. This process has been perfected over the years, becoming more efficient every single year, especially from companies in China. If you want to get a quote on what could be a very profitable business for you, you need to contact one of these companies. You can find a lot of plastic pyrolysis plant manufacturers in China. Beston Company is a reliable one.

continuous plasitc pyrolysis equipment
continuous plasitc pyrolysis equipment

How To Find These Companies

Before you can get the quote, it’s a good idea to search for companies that are selling these pyrolysis plans and all of the equipment. The plastic recycling machine price in China is quite reasonable comparing with that of any other countries. It is important to realize that these could be quite large, especially on a commercial or industrial level. There is going to be a pretreatment process for the plastic that is going to be fed into the plastic pyrolysis reactor. This is chipped up into tiny little pieces. Once it reaches the proper temperature, the molecular breakdown will happen, and it will be sent into what is called a cyclone. This is where the biochar will be collected at the bottom and the remainder will be sent into the quencher. The quencher is where the biofuel will be captured and ultimately separated.

Getting Multiple Quotes Is Recommended

You can get quotes from these different companies that provide the service. You simply have to consider the cost. When they send back the estimate, compare this with all of the other companies to see if you are actually working with the right business. The reputation of the company also matters in terms of how ubiquitous it is when you start searching on websites. The one that you choose should give you an excellent plastic pyrolysis equipment price that will be hopefully within your budget.

The ability to process all of this plastic into something that can be used, instead of simply burying the plastic in a landfill, is a good move no matter how you look at it. It can be profitable, and at the same time beneficial for everyone on the planet by eliminating this waste. Once you have found a company that will give you an excellent deal, get started with the process of getting this business set up which will help you see how profitable pyrolysis is when you have an ample supply of plastic.

The Basics of A Crude Oil Sludge Treatment Plant

A crude oily sludge treatment plant from Kingtiger Co., Ltd. is a basic item in the petroleum industry, and you will find that in the first few phases of the process of producing fuel products, there are provisions for the removal of sludge.

oil sludge treatment plant
oil sludge treatment plant

There are basically two types of crude sewage sludge pyrolysis plant: portable and fixed. Between them, there are different kinds of removal systems used. The kind of plant used in a mining operation depends on the location of the source and the type of raw material to be processed. However, whether or not it is portable or fixed, and no matter what type of separation system is used, the process works the same way.

First, solids are removed mechanically it is required. The crude oil is then heated to reduce viscosity and enhance mobility. Then, the crude oil is dosed with a de-emulsifier to break down emulsions, after which a polymer is used to enhance the removal of solids and dry cakes.

There are two well-known waste oil layouts. The first one uses one high-performance three-phase decanter centrifuge. This usually produces oil that is good enough to be returned to an oil refinery for further processing. The second one removes solids in two decanter centrifuges that uses a downstream separation of oil, water, and solids. Each decanter has a three-phase disk stack separator.

The resulting product of the second type of centrifuge is of a much a higher quality than the second type of centrifuge. However, it requires more capital.

If you search for it online, you will see that there are many companies out there that are in the business of manufacturing sludge treatment plants and helping clients set them up. You might think that they are only used in crude oil mining out at sea. However, there are many cases when they are used. One very good example is the processing of slop oil, which is crude oil collected from open lagoons. Slop oil has a higher solid content and viscosity and thus require thorough processing. This link: may be helpful.

Another case where a sludge oil treatment plant is used is when three-sludge needs to be processed. Three sludge refers to the waste generated at the oil refineries and composed of biological sludge, flotation scum, and oil sludge. A decanter centrifuge is used to recover more oil from the waste.

Another case where a sludge treatment plant is that of storage tanks. Often, when storage tanks are drained of their content, sludge remains at the bottom. A treatment centrifuge is necessary to remove the oil content.

As we said before, although the basics of how a sludge treatment plant works is the same no matter what system is used, there are differences in the details. There is a big difference between a single centrifuge and a double centrifuge system.

Oil refineries often do business with the makers of centrifuges with the end-in-mind of producing a custom solution that fits the source of the sludge material that needs to be processed. The oil distillation plant is useful in refining the pyrolysis oil.

All Of The Tire Pyrolysis Plant Cost

At the point when chosen to begin a pyrolysis equipment to reuse waste tires and profit, you should take tire pyrolysis plant.

waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant
waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant

Preferences of the tyres recycling plant:

1. Safety.

There are some protected gadgets, for example, the weight gage, disturbing ring, safety valve. In the meantime there is the counter blowback gadget which can keep away from the fire once more into the reactor.

2. Environment securing.

On the off chance that you go to one of the organization to see the running plant, you can’t see the vapor as they have the tidy expulsion gadget and tidy evacuation pool.

3. Energy sparing.

The counter reverse discharge gadget can gather the fumes gasses which can be fills after the oil is out so is exceptionally advantageous and you can spare the energy in the meantime, they have the impetus chamber which can lessen the temperature of the synergist prolysis of the tires and plastics so you can spare parcel’s of energy with the exception of this ,they have vacuum gadget which let the reactor be negative weight. So you can picture.

4. High degree of automatic.

They have numerous automatically gadgets, for example, auto-feeder, carbon dark lift, oil pumping automatic, diminishing weight automatic.

Elements of the plant:

100% recycling of tire wastage is accomplished (No stir left after the procedure)No concoction fixings are utilized as a part of process (environment cordial)Amid and after the procedure, no dirt, water or air contamination is watched.

Makes monetarily significant items out of wastage tires (These are a mechanical item that have a decent market esteem and request)The most savvy wastage tire recycling innovation on the planet.

Crude material (wastage tire) is shabby and simple to give. These are the by-results of tire generation.

Each reused ton of tires jam 10 tons of CO2 that is a noteworthy green house gas.

The procedure can be connected to all elastic based materials.

The framework makes a substitute wellspring of energy to supplant petroleum items and regular gas.

Framework gives the chance to governments and neighborhood organizations to manage the wastage tire issue as it were.

The procedure of pyrolysis has span of 4 to 12 hours, contingent upon the amount and size of tire (auto tire, truck tire, and so forth.). Amid the procedure distinctive vacuum qualities are connected in pre-decided temperatures and in various stages. Diverse gasses are acquired and the dense gas is put away as a fuel-oil in tanks.

tyre pyrolysis plant
tyre pyrolysis plant

The market estimation of the finished results

While picking a plant, you ought to consider whether the finished results can profit for you. The plant receives the well known pyrolysis innovation by which you can get oil from waste tyre, and carbon dark and steel wire are also the end products. All the final results can offer well in the market, which will help you get the acquisition cost and land cost back soon.

After-sale benefit

The after sale administration is likewise a vital element influencing the cost of tire pyrolysis plant. Most producers will charge for the establishment, however others will give 1 month’s establishment administration to free. Moreover, they will give 1year guarantee period and deep rooted support. Know of the factors that may influence the cost of tyre pyrolysis plant.

Pyrolysis Technology Can Convert Plastic Waste into Fuel Oil

Plastic waste is not only unsightly but also extremely dangerous. Since waste plastic in non-biodegradable, it is often problematic to dispose of it. However, technological advancement has led invention of technologies that can convert such waste into useful products. One of the most important plastic management technologies is Pyrolysis. Pyrolysis machine can convert plastic into oil.

convert plastic into fuel
Convert plastic into fuel

Pyrolysis Technology

Pyrolysis involves thermo-chemical decomposition of organic materials at high temperatures without oxygen or halogen. In waste plastic management, pyrolysis technology can make it possible to produce fuels from plastic wastes. Currently, pyrolysis is considered the second best waste plastic management after recycling.

How Does Pyrolysis Work?

Plastics are organic polymers, which contain long chains of carbon atoms alone or with other elements such as sulfur, oxygen or nitrogen. The process involves use of moderate to high heat in the absence of oxygen to breakdown the long chains of hydrocarbons into short-chain hydrocarbon oil and gases. The entire conversion process takes place within pyrolysis machines.

The technology uses assorted plastic wastes that are collected and fed into the machine, washed or unwashed. The moderately elevated heat from the plant changes the chemical and physical properties of the plastic waste and it is irreversible. This means the fuel oil or gas produced by pyrolysis cannot be converted back to plastic. Furthermore, the resultant fuel is the end product. Here is a professional website for you:

waste plastic to oil plant
Waste plastic to oil plant

Advantages of Pyrolysis technology

The current trend when it comes to environmental management it to reduce plastic waste for healthier living conditions and reduce dependence on fossil fuel. This is where pyrolysis machine comes into action. The following are the advantages of plastic to oil machine for sale:


This is arguably the most important advantage of producing fuel oil from waste plastic. Although plastic is organic waste, it is impossible to be biodegraded. Burning at usual temperatures also cannot dispose of it. The most common disposal method is landfills, which is not eco-friendly. Besides, Pyrolysis machine is designed to reduce emissions into the atmosphere thereby preventing environmental pollution. The technology reduces dependency on geo-extraction and fossil fuel.

High safety levels

Fuel oil is highly combustible. It is therefore important to ensure sure highly levels of precautions when dealing with it. Pyrolysis plant usually feature vacuum and hydroseal systems that prevent exhaust gas from returning to reactor or condensers. This prevents unnecessary accidents. The resultant fuel gas is collected efficiently and preventing any leakage that could prove dangerous to the environment. Have a look at the most realiable plastic pyrolysis plant manufacturers.

Great quality fuel oil

The fuel oil produced by pyrolysis is similar to liquid diesel but has higher cetane value as well as lower sulfur content than the traditional diesel. It is projected that in recent future, fuel oil production from plastic waste will take over the traditional methods. The fuel oil can be used as industrial fuel material for combustion or further refined to produce gasoline or diesel.


There are numerous benefits of installing pyrolysis machine for fuel oil production from plastic waste. Instead of degrading the environment with landfills, you can take advantage of this great technology to reduce your dependence or fossil fuel and ensure limitless industrial fuel material for your needs.

The Four Key Facts About Plastic Pyrolysis Processes

Plastic pyrolysis is a brand-new technology that is revolutionizing the way recycled plastic is processed and handled. There is essentially no limit to the capabilities of modern plastic pyrolysis machine for sale, essentially all plastics can be broken down and recycled back into oil. The science behind this technology is that it mimics the natural geological processes that turned biological material into oil over millions of years. With intense heat and pressure, and because plastics are a lot closer in a chemical sense to oil to begin with, this process can be accelerated tremendously. Here are the four most important things to remember about making oil from plastic waste by the pyrolysis method.


1. All plastics can be used as feedstock material

Absolutely all waste plastics, no matter what kind of polyethylene, polyether, polyacrylamide can be used as feedstock for the plastic pyrolysis process. There is no need to separate plastics by recycling type. The only effect that the plastic composition has on the end product is the length of the hydrocarbon chains, but it will only effect the distribution of these lengths. Oil that is obtained by the pyrolysis process has to be fractionated and processed like any other oil, so these effects may affect the end price that is paid for the oil, but it will go through the same processing procedures in any case.


2. Plastic additives are acceptable

The same also holds true for any dyes, plasticizers, or crosslinkers that may be present in the plastic feedstock, these compounds are broken down into hydrocarbon materials just like the plastic itself. These compounds may leave behind some trace elements such as nitrogen or chlorine, but these will be eliminated when the oil is fractured in processing. The recovery of these elements may even lead to additional profits.


3. Pyrolysis oil is chemically identical to natural oil

Since plastics are produced from oil in the first place, when they undergo the pyrolysis process of Kingtiger Group Pyrolysis and return to being hydrocarbons, the oil that is produced from this process is chemically extremely similar to the natural oil that was used to make the plastic in the first place. In fact, plastic pyrolysis oil is particularly valuable, since it contains high levels of the oil components that are the most useful for plastic production and these oil components are much more valuable that those used to produce natural gas or asphalt. If you want to get more pure pyrolysis oil, you can distill it by waste oil recycling machine for sale from Kingtiger environment technology company.

4. Pyrolysis takes time

Even though the natural geological processes are vastly accelerated by the application of intense heat and pressure, these processes can still take quite a while, because the chemical reactions involved happen very slowly. Another factor is that the longer you keep your plastic feedstock in the pyrolysis process of plastic to oil machine, the higher quality your end product will be.


So with all that said, are there any downsides to plastic pyrolysis processes other than the time that it takes. The primary one is that it requires a lot of energy to power this process because of the heat and pressure required, so it should be done in areas with inexpensive electricity. There is another type of cheap waste tyre oil extraction machine from Kingtiger.

Advantages Of Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Recycling System

Millions of tyres are dumped each year in the landfills. This not only creates a nuisance but it is also harmful for the environment. A lot of chemicals are used for making tyres in addition to the rubber. When these waste tyres lie in the landfills, there is a possibility of these harmful chemicals leeching in to the groundwater below and pollute the water supply. This is the reason that the use of waste tyre pyrolysis plant for sale is gaining a lot of popularity for recycling the waste tyres.

One of the biggest advantages of this system is that with the help of pyrolysis technology, it is possible to get fuel oil from waste tyres as well as plastics. The raw materials needed for operating this waste pyrolysis machine is very cheap as these raw materials are useless to people. In other words, it is a highly profitable business especially when there is no shortage of raw material.

Waste Tyre Recycling Plant Cost
Reasonable Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Cost for Customers

As far as the final products produced in a pyrolysis plant is concerned, these include fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire and gas. The main product generated by the recycling machine is the fuel oil which is widely used in industries and has great commercial value. Around 45 to 50% of the amount of recycled scrap tyres is generated in the form of fuel oil. This oil can be used in cement factories, ceramic factories, boiler factories, central heating, glass factory and power plants among others. Now we have this kind of advanced waste pyrolysis machine. You also can compare waste to energy plants cost among different manufacturers.

Around 30 to 35% of the recycled scrap tyres is generated in the form of carbon black. The carbon black generated through pyrolysis process is much cheaper as compared to the carbon black produced from petroleum. Carbon black is used as a raw material in a variety of industries.

Tyre Recycling Machinery for Sale
Beston Tyre Pyrolysis Machinery for Sale

Around 10 to 15% of the initial raw material is produced in the form of steel wires. The steel wires can be easily obtained once all the raw material has been converted into fuel oil and carbon black. Around 5% of the raw material is generated in the form of gas (around 4% methane content) that can be used for heating as well as for various other purposes.

The biggest advantage of pyrolysis process is that it results in 100% recycling of waste tyres. This technology produces highly valuable materials that are used in a variety of industries. There is no other way to get rid of waste tyres in an environmentally friendly way.

Another big advantage of these plants is that these are environmentally friendly. These plans not only help in getting rid of the waste tyres but also produce green products that are profitable.

Overall, there are a number of advantages of pyrolysis technology. It is environmentally friendly and the tire recycling plant cost is affordable. It is a profitable business that gets rid of the tyres in the landfill. There are a number of other advantages of waste tyre pyrolysis recycling system. Here is a list of some of those advantages below or you can directly visit to know about the advantages.

Introduce The Process Of Recycling Plastic Waste

Recycling is bringing back the scrap or waste into a useful same or different product. Plastics are the daily products we use and almost every touch near us. Their lifespan is limited to break and thus can be recycled to give forth to the same product or other varieties. Without the recycling mechanism almost everywhere would be filled up by wastes becoming hazardous and environmental unfriendly. The advantage of plastic waste recycling plant cannot be written off as it has provided the world with a habitat place and reduced tremendous the cost of plastic materials. It is cheap to buy a plastic commodity comparable to those others that are non-renewable.

Recycling Plastic Waste Into Oil

1. The plastic scrap recycling plant starts all the way down from the garbage and dumpsites to bringing these used and broken pieces back to the company. The plastics are sorted according to the type, material, color etc it may be manually done and this is when gathering them together or before placing them in the recycling machine. In addition, it uses automated sort system to identify the resin.

2. The plastics are washed to remove contaminants and passed through a magnet to remove any metallic impurities that may be attached to the plastics.

3. The materials after classifying them to the various classes of density, they are shredded to remove impurities like the paper labels and metallic impurities which may tamper with the general material compound when the pellet is formed.

4. Melting is done depending with the melting point of the plastics which is different depending with the material structure and make.

5. The melted plastic is dried and chopped into pellets. They are recycled in the same process and now begins by subjecting the pellets in a washable tank to magnet off the impurities.

6. The pellets are chopped into a regular snowy standard size, the oversized size is sent back to the recycling process of plastic to attain the standard shape.

7. The snowy pieces are then melted at a high temperature of up to 450-degree centigrade to remove moisture and any remaining extrusion or impurity.

8. The melted plastic is cooled down and again chopped into pellets and sent to the manufacturing unit for making the desirable product plastic products.

Recycling Plastic Waste Machine For Sale

The process should be carefully scrutinized and this enables placing materials of the same type together and this simplifies the selection and sorting the plastic melted products. With the improved technology and advancing manufacturing methods, recycling has moved to a great height and this has helped in diversifying the product production from simple toys to hard plastics making the PVC electric sockets and pipes. You need to find trustful plastic recycling plant manufacturer. During the whole process, caution should be taken when handling even when it is initial gathering and collecting. This helps in ensuring health standards. The products made from this recycles has turned to be the unbelievable assets at home and in general to the entire world.

At last, you can obtain detailed information about the recycling waste plastics on this website