Single Girder Gantry Crane Characteristics And Lifting Capacity Information

One of the smaller types of gantry cranes that you can purchase are those that are only constructed with a solitary girder. This single girder will support all of the weight that you will lift with the pulley and hoist attached to the system. In some cases, they can lift only a couple tons, whereas others may be designed for lifting 20 tons or more. There are certain characteristics to consider when purchasing a single girder gantry crane (купить кран козловой однобалочный), as well as lifting capacity information that you need to be privy to before obtaining one your business.

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Single Girder Gantry Crane

Overview Of Typical Single Girder Gantry Cranes

These units are all constructed in a very similar manner, whether they are large, small, or designed to be portable. At the top is the single girder, upon which will be connected the hoist, trolley, and the pulley system. The trolley will run along this one beam of the gantry crane, allowing the merchandise to be moved back-and-forth. The power behind the gantry crane is almost always hydraulic, another consideration you need to make before you obtain one. Finally, these will have controls that will allow you to lift move, and ultimately lower the merchandise to different areas of your warehouse or onto trucks or trains. When choosing these, there are certain characteristics that you need to think about before getting one for your company.

Characteristics Of Standard Single Girder Gantry Cranes

The characteristics that you are looking for will include the lifting height and capacity. It needs to be tall enough to lift the merchandise, and it must have the capacity to lift even the heaviest items that will come to your business. If installed indoors, span length is something you need to know about. It must be long enough to extend either side of your structure. This is what will provide the support for the gantry crane itself. There is also traveling speed and lifting speed options for each gantry crane. Most people will want to choose one that is much faster than all of the others.

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The Average Lifting Capacity Of These Gantry Cranes

What Is The Average Lifting Capacity Of These Gantry Cranes?

Lifting capacity references how much a gantry crane can lift. This is determined by two different factors. First of all, there is the power capability of the gantry crane, referring to the hydraulic power behind the system. Second, the structure of the gantry crane is vitally important. If it is not designed to handle the amount of weight that it can lift, it could collapse very easily. To avoid any problems, always work with businesses that are known for producing the best single girder gantry cranes, giving you confidence that they will not buckle under the pressure.

Most smaller businesses will do very well with a single girder gantry crane. As long as you are aware of the lifting capacity, and its basic characteristics, the one that you choose will work just fine. Finally, consider how much you are going to pay for the gantry crane. When purchased locally, there is the possibility that you will be overpaying for the one that you will obtain. Therefore, consider looking at online industrial classifieds (кран грузоподъемный), sifting through the many different listings, until you find one for sale from a well-known and reliable business.