One of the greatest expenses facing all construction companies is that of concrete equipment; however, concrete equipment is an essential item and cannot be avoided. Yet, there are methods of minimizing the cost with one of these being effective maintenance to ensure concrete mixers present with longer durability. If a mixer lasts longer then the less the expense to a company. Below are some points to consider when keeping a concrete mixer running efficiently.

1. Routine and regular cleaning of the drum

Concrete Mixer RunningIrrespective of the amount of mixing a concrete mixer completes, dried concrete will be left on the inside of the drum. If left this dried material can lead to detrimental problems to the device reducing its capacity for concrete, as well as the efficiency of its mixing. The best way to rectify this situation is to remove the dried concrete, however this can be trickier than it sounds.

In order to effectively remove dried concrete the best option is a ‘chipping’ service. Generally, a chemical pressure washing service is used, but these are not always efficient. Only by using a manual and rather rudimentary chipping technique can one remove all dried concrete.

2. Purchasing technological up-to-date mixers

concrete mixer cleaningIn many cases, the construction technicians may not realize there is a problem with the mixer until it is too late. However, modern mixers now have computer aided operational tools that provide you with clues on what is happening inside the drum. This can be more costly than a basic mixer, however it can be value for money in the long-run and can help avoid any unforeseen expenses in the future.

In conclusion, the maintenance of your concrete mixer is absolutely essential if you want to present with effective concrete batches and avoid costly expenses.