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How To Select The Best Charcoal Machine In Indonesia

When you need an inexpensive way to produce charcoal in Indonesia, a charcoal machine is always a good choice. This machine will produce large amounts of charcoal from waste materials and you can use the charcoal in a variety of ways. The charcoal production machine helps the environment because it prevents waste materials from getting into the landfill and it converts waste coconut shells and other wood debris into charcoal.

Charcoal Production Equipment for Sale

The waste materials are heated up in the machine to very high temperatures and turned into charcoal that can be used in a variety of ways. The charcoal that gets produced is high quality. The machine does everything and will even dry, press, and stack the charcoal.

The machine is made from high-quality stainless steel. The heating chamber is deep in the machine so the machine never feels hot. The machine is comfortable to work with and it is very safe. The machine has plenty of built-in safety features that make it safe to work with. Get useful tips here:

Efficient Charcoal Making Machine for Sale

Since the machine is automatic it saves on labor costs and you won’t have to spend too much money hiring people to work on the machine. The machine is very easy to set up and once you have set the machine up you can just let it run.

This machine can produce huge amounts of charcoal. The machine has a double-layer design that improves the speed and efficiency of the machine. The machine does not emit much pollution and it is very safe to run so you don’t have to worry about a lot of problems with it.

The plant uses a variety of raw materials. Some of the materials include coconut shell, rice husks, and wood debris. The material should be dry and the moisture content can’t be above 50 percent or the machine won’t work and you won’t produce as much charcoal.

The machine is designed to run very efficiently and the machine recycles as much as possible so there are not as many natural resources being consumed. You want to make sure that the machine runs as efficiently as possible so you don’t use as many resources. When you have a machine that runs well you don’t need to worry about so many problems.

The machine produces charcoal that can be used in a BBQ or shisa. The charcoal is high-quality and it burns clean. You can sell the charcoal or use it yourself. The machine does everything you need and it does a great job of producing the charcoal so you don’t have to hire a large workforce to deal with the charcoal.

The charcoal can be used for other things as well. The charcoal can be used as fuel and it can also be ground into powder and sold as a raw material. With more processing, the charcoal can be used in water recycling applications and it can also be used to produce bricks. The charcoal can also be used to fertilize plants. The charcoal machine manufactured by Beston China is a great investment in your business.

The Many Benefits Of Making Biochar In A High-Quality Low Cost Carbonization Furnace

The easiest way to produce biochar is to purchase a carbonization plant that can produce material. It can take the organic material, and convert this into biochar. The biochar is the residue that is the result of the carbonization process. Other components will include bio oil and biofuel, all of which can be sold to vendors that will distribute this to customers that they have. There are also many other benefits associated with making biochar other than making it for yourself. Let’s discuss these benefits of purchasing a high-quality low-cost carbonizing furnace that can produce this material.

Charcoal Making Machine Manufacturers
Carbonization Furnace for Charcoal

What Is Biochar?

It is also referred to as charcoal, the type that you purchase at the local store. There are many ways that bio char can be created. There are people around the world, and in your city, they purchase this every day. All of the organic wastes can be broken down into individual components. These components can be burned, but in the absence of oxygen, after the carbonizing process has occurred, the biochar will be residue that is left over and can be used.

Benefits Of Making Biochar from Organic Wast

Biochar can be created by a biochar production equipment. If you have a business where you are producing sawdust, branches, coconut shells or rice husks, all of this can be used to create the biochar. This can, producing a good flame, either to heat your home or to cook a barbecue. It is also possible to sell this material to other people that will use it, or sell it to local stores or vendors that can distribute this to others. The primary benefit, if you are selling it to other people, is that you are going to make a lot of money. This is a commodity that is always in high demand. You can make biochar from organic waste and different types of biochar from different organic materials, such as wood charcoal, coconut shell charcoal, and sawdust charcoal, etc., and they can purchase what they want based upon the substance of origin.

Charcoal Manufacturing Equipment
Carbonization Machine for Sale

How To Get Started With This Type Of Business

This business can start in just a few weeks. You simply have to place your order, have the equipment sent to your location, and start to use it right away. If you are installing a large carbonization furnace, this could take several weeks longer. The key to success is always having to specific things. First of all, you must have very efficient carbonization equipment that can produce a substantial amount of bio char. Second, you need to have a large number of raw materials that can be placed into the carbonizing reactor or furnace in order to produce the biochar that will be sold. For example, if you are from coastal areas and you have plenty of coconut trees, coconut charcoal machine is the right one for you.

This is a very good business model for those that are into recycling, or that simply want to have a business that is always going to have customers. High-quality low price carbonizing equipment for sale in China is very competitive in the market, and you can have them set up in a very short period of time. Beston (Henan) Machinery is one of the companies in China you can rely on. Now that you know a little bit more about the process, if you do have access to any of these materials in large quantities, it might be a business model that you will consider following. It is going to take a sizable investment if it is quite large, but it will pay for itself many times over as you produce biochar for customers and large businesses.

Design and Advantages of Rice Hull Charcoal Making Machine for Sale

Sometimes the word biomass carbonization machine tells us the significance of Valuable energy resources which are provided or are Obtained from Biomass waste material. Some of the examples for biomass waste materials are shell of coconut, rice husk, olive shell, straw, wood, etc. Carbonization technology sometimes uses carbon by employing the biomass converting the sewage sludge or solid wastes. In our existing lives we are facing problems of shortage of energy resources.

Charcoal Making Plant in Ukraine
Charcoal Making Plant in Ukraine

People are finding new methods fighting these problems. Biomass waste material utilizations are made to generate resources to solve the problems of energy resource shortage problems. The raw materials which is been obtained is treated in an oxygen free condition. By this we can get:

a) Artificial Charcoal with wood vinegar;

b) Tar after high-temperature pyrolysis;

c) sulfur emission;

d) Gas volatilization;

e) Carbon Enrichment Process.

Procedure Of Using Rice Hull Carbonizer

We can initially undergo a pre treatment process to the standard process. The basic size should be 50 mm having 20 % water content and below. Here we can use crusher or dryer also. We can then transfer the raw material and carbonize the biomass waste. After all the procedures as done the cooling will start and the biomass charcoal will be automatically be discharged.

Wood Vinegar
Wood Vinegar

Sometimes if you don’t have any idea about the rice hull getting carbonized , we can choose over rice hull carbonizer for sale, where the waste rice husk will process to biomass charcoal. The Rice husk Charcoal have higher contents compared to common charcoal. The uses of carbonized rice hull are also wider and the rice husk charcoal can also be used as fertilizer and sometimes as fuel too, we can also make activated carbon from rice hull charcoal.

Design And Advantage Of Rice Hulk Carbonizer

The charcoal making machine design has the adoption of one fire, and the two steps are very unique because this method saves a lot of energy. Using one hot air source which can both heat and dry the raw material. This is the reason we call it as one fire, two steps method.

The double layer design makes heat-utilization efficiency higher. The ratio of heat is over 85%. This special design of Beston Machinery rice hull carbonizer for sale makes the lower part of the machine-contact the hot-air as much as possible, so it is helpful to raise the-heat utilization-efficiency from-the beginning. The higher layer utilizes residue heat to flash steam the materials.

The security design is another advantage. Taking the safety of the operators will not be harmed by high temperature. The gas treatment device make the rice hull carbonizer for sale to not to harm the environment. In addition the over pressure automatic alarm system can make sure that the rice husk charcoal machine works under pressure under the normal temperature and Pressure taking into consideration the safety of the operators, we can equip the rice husk carbonization plant with a protecting shell and so the operators will never be harmed in any conditions.

Understanding Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine

With the environmental challenges that the human race faces, it is important that we make use of every resource that we have prudently. This means putting to good use every kind of resource that we have, even the waste products. In this regard, when it comes to coconuts, the waste coconut shells which tend to be very difficult to dispose of can be used as a resource.

The rigidity and durability of the material mean that it can last quite long before decomposing completely. When you consider the amount of coconut shell waste that is produced as a result of small and large scale coconut process, you can appreciate how big of a problem managing coconut shell waste can be.  You can learn something about charcoal production plant here.

BST-50 Charcoal Machine in Turkey
BST-50 Charcoal Machine in Turkey

However, when this waste is converted to a resource that has utility and can generate an income, the entire process of coconut shell waste management becomes a far easier and profitable endeavor. The coconut shell charcoal making machine is amply capable of doing this. These machines/plants turn the otherwise waste biomass into a material with utility – charcoal and other useful products.

Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine Processes

The first step in turning the shells into charcoal is to crush and dry and dry them. The crushing process is meant to reduce the shells into small particles that are easy to process. As such, the shells are crushed by a machine and reduced to 50mm pieces. As for the drying, reducing the moisture content in the shells to less than 20% makes it easy to process the shells. To this end, they are fed into a dryer.

After crushing and drying, the material is fed into the carbonization chamber/furnace. Herein, the shells are taken through the pyrolysis process, where they are heated to a high temperature in a somewhat oxygen-free environment. Consequently, the organic material is converted to coal. Other by-products of the process include combustible gas.

Biomass Charcoal
Biomass Charcoal

The charcoal is taken through a cooling system where the heat exchange system helps to cool the charcoal to as low as 30℃. The heat extracted is returned to the carbonization chamber to heat the next batch of shells. On the other hand, the gas is taken through a dedusting system, where all the dust is collected from the combustible gas. At this point, the gas can be collected in readiness for selling or it can be used as an energy source for running the carbonization chamber.

Products And Their Uses

As mentioned above the process yields the desired charcoal. This product can and is used for cooking (think of barbecuing), fuel for furnaces, or raw material in the production of active carbon. The gas produced, as mentioned above, can be sold or used in the carbonization of subsequent batches of shells. Finally, the process produces tar and wood vinegar. These products have utility in the industrial sector.

A High-Quality Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine

The effectiveness of this process as a business venture and with regards to producing high-quality products is highly dependent on the kind of machine you have. To this end ensure that the power consumption, production capacity and yield, and the construction quality of the machine meet your standards and your expectations (keeping in mind the availability of shells).

We also have other biomass charcoal machines for sale, such as palm kernel shell charcoal machine, wood carbonization plant and so on. You can contact us to get more information.

Sewage Sludge Treatment Plant For Sale

Sewage sludge carbonization requires persistence and high-quality machinery to ensure everything works out as intended.

Many facilities lack in this regard, and that can start to hold them back as time goes on. The ultimate solution is to go ahead and find a top-tier sewage sludge treatment plant that can do the job for you. This is a one-stop option that is going to get rid of the mess that is present and ensure all results are in line with your needs.

Here is more on what this treatment plant has to offer in the long-term.

Beston Sewage Sludge Treatment Plant
Beston Sewage Sludge Treatment Plant


Imagine getting sewage sludge in place and then realizing you are not making the most of it, or you are not processing it appropriately.

A lot of facilities have this issue, and you have to treat it with a high level of care. The only way this is going to happen with a robust sludge carbonization machine. If not, you are going to go through the motions, and it will not work out as intended.

In fact, you are going to get a dud that breaks down, and you are left with a worse situation that is not worth it.


The purity of a solution is always going to matter when it comes to the results you’re generating.

If the sludge management system is not appropriately, you are going to be a step behind, and that is going to leave with a mess. The goal should be to get this sludge treatment facility invented by Beston (Henan) Machinery Co, Ltd in place and then let it go to work for you. The results will be exceptional, and you are going to make the most of your investment

The little details are where this equipment will do wonders for you and leave you with a real smile on your face.

Beston Sludge Carbonization Machine
Beston Sludge Carbonization Machine


This is one of those things where you will start to appreciate it as soon as it goes to work.

You are not looking at a treatment plant which will work here and there or is not going to generate top-tier results all the time. This is going to help you out as soon as you want and it is going to produce tremendous traction for as long as you want.

This is key when it comes to carbonization and making sure you are handling sewage sludge properly.

Stick to the basics and go with the sludge management system as soon as you can. It is going to add quality to your facility and make it easier to produce the results you are after. It is not all about setting up a system and hoping for the best but rather making sure you are looking at the precision of your work.

As the sewage sludge starts to role in, you will need to do something about it, and that is where you will want to have this treatment plant installed. It is going to do the work for you. Here is the related link that can help you a lot.

Latest Rice Hull Charcoal Making Machine for Sale 2017

Over the years, manufacturers of rice and farmers generally have tried to find the perfect way to utilize rice husks. In the end, it ended up being accumulated waste and a polluter of the environment. But when the appropriate technology of the carbonization process came to be, rice husks finally were able to be put to good use by making them into charcoal through high-temperature pyrolysis, sulphur release, smoke discharge and charcoal enrichment. On top of this, it is also a good raw material for making charcoal. Here to know rice husk carbonizer cost.

Rice Hull Charcoal Making Machine for Sale
Rice Hull Charcoal Making Machine for Sale

Features of rice husk that make it difficult to dispose of

Rice husk has a very hard surface with a high silicon content. This makes it very difficult for it to be decomposed through fermentation and be converted into fertilizer, unlike other crops.

It contains very small density in its bulk and as a result occupies a large space unnecessarily.

It cannot be disposed of through burning it directly because of environmental pollution regulations.

This has proved to be a very big challenge to planting and rice processing enterprises and hence the idea of using rice husks to make charcoal came into being. This way, the husks can be recycled and put to good use through the rice hull carbonizer:

How it is done

The raw materials involved in this process include rice husk, sugarcane bagasse, wood waste, agro waste, crop stalk, bamboo and other similar types of wastes. They should always have a moisture content of less than 12% and a width and height of less than 6mm.The rice husk to charcoal carbonator is a very powerful machine that combines these different types of waste under high temperature and pressure to form a high-quality energy product.

The rice hull carbonizer is automatic. On top of the charcoal carbonization furnace, there is a feeding system. This is where the process starts. The rice husks are put in the feeding system by the conveyor belt, they are then sent to the carbonization furnace for charcoal which is always continuous via the same feeding device.

After this, the material is arranged uniformly inside the internal feeding device. When they reach the required level, the feeding machine stops feeding. Through an ignition device inserted through the bottom of the bottom point of the charcoal furnace and into the carbonizer, the material will be fully burnt. The ignition device is then turned off and extinguished.

Then turn on the blowing 1 to suitable speed followed by the blowing 2 until the concentration of smoke in the burner has reached the burning point. Adjust the blowing 2 to get the suitable temperature for the process. At this rate, the machine will be operating automatically be feeding until the required level.

charcoal carbonization furnace
Beston rice hull charcoal carbonization furnace

Advantages of the rice hull charcoal making machine

The rice husk to charcoal carbonization machine is very energy efficient as it uses a small amount of energy.

The carbonization furnace is made from the latest technology and carbonizes the rice hull is carbonized completely. It makes sure that the rice husks will not be burned during the process making sure that the final product is high-quality charcoal with very neat shapes.

The machine has flue gas cool and purification systems which ensure that no smoke is emitted into the environment. It has the modern water filter dusk collection system to ensure that all dust and harmful substance is filtered.

The machine can be designed according to the consumer’s specifications.

Final products

Biomass charcoal which has a wide range of applications today is the main product obtained from this process. It can be used as a natural fertilizer as opposed to using chemical fertilizer because its components are harmless.

It can be used as fuel in cases of barbecue because of it has no negative effects on the environment eg.pollution.

Its high calorific value makes the carbonized rice husk good for use as fuel in industries.

Flue gas generated through this process can be recycled in the fire pot to avoid the problem of pollution.


The charcoal carbonization furnace has not only come to solve the issue of disposing of rice rusks in the most appropriate way, but it also utilizes other readily available waste materials. The briquettes made from this process are of very high quality and the carbonation process can further convert the husks into activated carbon. The machine makes use of the latest technology and most importantly, it is environmentally friendly.

How A Rice Husk Carbonization Furnace Can Turn Waste Into Fuel

Agricultural waste is a big problem in the world today. One of the chief offenders is rice husks. Rice is one of the most grown crops worldwide, and is a staple of the diet of billions of people. However, growing rice creates a lot of waste. Rice husks are the leftover parts of rice plants after the edible rice has been harvested. Each year, tons of rice husk contribute to landfills because there is no other use for it. However, with a rice husk carbonization furnace, this is no longer the case!

Carbonization is one of many techniques used to turn biomass, which is leftover products from plants or other living things, into biochar. Biochar is a revolutionary substance that burns similarly to coal, but with a fraction of the pollution. Biochar solves two problems: one, burning coal for energy creates too much pollution, and two, agricultural waste contributing a lot of mass to landfills.

Rice Husk Carbonization Furnace for sale
Rice Husk Carbonization Furnace for sale

Biomass like rice husks is generally considered worthless because it is too complex to break down quickly. While some biomass can be rotted and turned to compost, allowing more plants to be grown with the nutrients present in the biomass, a lot of agricultural byproducts take too long to biodegrade to be efficient for this purpose. Rice husks, coconut shells, corn husks, nut shells, and other hard, sturdy plant matter is simply too hard to degrade, and must be thrown out.

This is where a rice hull charcoal making machine (reputable brand: Beston Machinery) comes in. By heating the materials and breaking them down without burning them, the furnace can reduce the biomass into usable, burnable matter called biochar. Biochar, when packed together into briquettes, burns slightly less efficiently than coal, but is much cheaper to obtain and produces substantially less pollution.

One method of energy generation that is growing in popularity is called coburning. Coburning refers to the process of burning two or more different kinds of materials together, allowing one to get the benefits of both materials. In this case, coburning means burning biochar and coal at the same time. Coal burns efficiently, and helps to keep the furnace hot, while biochar provides a lot more energy per dollar and has less environmental impact. By burning both materials at the same time, energy can be produced that is cheaper, more efficient, and cleaner than ordinary coal burning.

Biochar can also be used as fertilizer. It can be spread in soil to improve the nutrition for future crops, by returning the minerals that the plants used to create the biomass in the first place. By carbonizing agricultural waste, the useful energy and materials in rice husks and other refuse can be unlocked for use.

A carbonisation reactor can be used to turn what used to be trash into a valuable source of energy or fertilizer. This material, called biochar, can be burned along with coal for cleaner and more efficient energy, or spread in soil to help plants grow better.

Beston Group is the professional carbonization furnace manufacturer in China, which provides the high-quality products and the excellent after-sales service for all the customers. Know more:

Working Process of A Sewage Sludge Carbonization Treatment Plant

Have you passes a wastewater treatment plant and wondered how the process works? Most localities have at least one sewage sludge treatment plant. These plants are the places where municipal sewage sludge is treated. This process is divided into three stages. Each stage is designed to further decompose and break down wastewater sludge. Microorganisms are used to help treat the sludge.

Sewage Sludge Carbonization Plant
Sewage Sludge Carbonization Plant

Once digested, the water is removed from the sludge and it is dried. The dried sludge can be used as fertilizer. There are also gases produced during the sludge treatment process and these are used for operating gas engines or as fuel.

Sludge is digested in three stages. The first stage produces a digested sludge which is mostly solid and dry. The second stage produces a supernatant liquor which consists of finely divided and liquefied matter. Stage three produces decomposition gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrogen. This entire charcoal making process is carried out in sludge digestion tanks.

The three biological action stages that occur during sludge digestion are acidification, liquefaction, and gasification. Each of the stages adds to the complete decomposition and digestion of wastewater sludge.

Acidification begins the wastewater sludge decomposition process. During this stage, bacteria attacks available food sources within the sludge and begins to anaerobically decompose them. This includes soluble nitrogenous compounds and carbohydrates. As the process continues, it produces organic acids and acid carbonates. Gases such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide are also produced. The production of these acids results in lower pH values.

The next stage is liquefaction. Just like it sounds, the matter is liquefied during this stage. All solid particles are reduced to either a dissolved form. Cellular enzymes stimulate this hydrolysis and there is some fermentation. Ammonia compounds and acid carbonates accumulate and produce hydrogen and carbon dioxide gases. There is a very strong odor and pH values rise. The decomposition gases are trapped by the decomposing sludge. This results in a foam which rises to the surface of the sludge pond. This is a longer stage than the first stage.

Carbonization Machine for Sale
Carbonization Machine for Sale

The final stage of sludge digestion is when the rest of the materials such as organic acids and proteins are broken up. This stage usually produces large amounts of methane gas and smaller amounts of carbon dioxide. The pH value increases again and becomes alkaline. As the sludge continues to decompose, the gas production slows down and the sludge is ready for disposal.

Many sewage sludge carbonization treatment plants have another stage of sludge decomposition. This stage occurs before disinfection and is called advanced or tertiary treatment. This stage involves ion exchange, sand filtration, activated carbon filters, coagulation-flocculation, membrane processing, fine screening or nitrification-denitrification. The process used in this stage may vary among localities. The waste sludge carbobnizer is a good choice.

Treating sewage sludge is a ongoing challenge for most communities. It is important to completely treat all sludge before releasing it for disposal. Biomass charcoal machine from Beston will be a great choice.